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Tea and Love Letters


Tea and Love Letters is the weekly newsletter for women who are on a mission to live the most positive, fulfilling life possible.

Here we can surround ourselves with like minded individuals and empower one another through community. This is your time to spend some time to sit down, relax, and "fill your cup" so you can "fill your home."

They will be sent every Sunday directly in your inbox.

What will be included in my Morning Tea (or coffee or hot chocolate) and love letters?

- An exclusive journal entry by me

- Positive quotes and inspiration

- Personal development tips

- Updates on the latest youtube videos/podcasts/books that I've heard, read, learned

- Articles/Resources related to Personal Development/Growth, Self Esteem, Self-Love, Creative Self-Care, and more

- Updates and Content talking about past or upcoming posts

- EVEN information on future or current Facebook Lives and Youtube Lives on content you want more information on!

Tea & Love Letters

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