Ever watch the show Sex and the City? I did, and I liked the show because I could relate to the trials and tribulations of love and dating! (Ugh I hated dating..some people make it look so easy!)

In the show, there is an episode where Carrie lost one of her favorite pair of shoes at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party and the friend was judging her for the amount of money she spent on the shoes.

In the episode, Carrie made a very valid point.  She spent so much money on her friend’s bridal shower gift, wedding gift, children’s gifts, and more, but with her being single, she realized she hadn’t received any gifts from her! Afterwards, she sent an “invitation” for her own marriage to herself (at least I think that was the momentous occasion), to the friend who wouldn’t pay her back for the misplaced shoes.

So it got me thinking, with Valentine’s Day coming up and Carrie’s point in the episode, I don’t think Valentine’s Day needs to be about whether you are in a relationship or not!

This post is for women from all fronts, whether you enjoy the holiday or not, and whether you are single or not1!

Valentine’s Day needs to be a day about LOVE. It should be about loving other people, but also about loving you, because just like the holiday, couples should love each other everyday, and so YOU should be loving yourself EVERYDAY too!

So whatever camp you may be in, I want you to take time this Valentine’s Day to celebrate you.

Below, I have put together a few ways you can do that, some are celebratory activities, while others are self-love.


1. Know how great you are! In the morning, say I love you to yourself in the mirror!

2. Take a photo shoot of yourself (clothing optional!)

3. Buy yourself some flowers

4. Get yourself a card

5. Write a love letter to yourself

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

7. Decorate your place the way you like

8. Cook a luxurious meal and watch your favorite movie after

9. Dress up or down (whatever you feel comfortable in!)

10. Pamper yourself

11. Write down things you love about yourself and put it somewhere you can look at all the time

12. Treat yourself to your favorite treat

123 Let go of mistakes or guilt

14. Go on a date with yourself

15. Practice self-care

16. Practice self-compassion

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17. Talk to or spend time with people who care about you

18. Do your favorite activity

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Image Credits: © Adobe Stock:1) Alexander Raths, 2) lemontreeimages 3) saulich84, 4) Artem

What do you think about the list? Do you have some you would like to try this Valentine’s Day or (today)?


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