Every year people make new year’s resolutions.

But did you know….

80% of these resolutions fail by February

Only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions for the year

Therefore, I suggest picking a “Word Of the Year” instead.

The benefit of doing so is it serves as an affirmation or mantra and encompasses everything you want to be.

Another reason I like this activity is that when I goal plans for the year, I have several goals. By using a word, it is a constant reminder of all the goals.

I have been picking a Word of the Year since 2012.

Since then I have seen such transformation and growth in my life.

So rather than only focusing on the goals themselves, a word helps you focus on WHO you want to be.



If this is your first time at picking a word of the year or just want another approach, I have discussed two approaches to figure out a word of the year below.

I have found either approach works and I don’t see one to be more beneficial than the other.

The only difference I see is that if you have never goal planned before, then the 1st approach would most likely be better.

  1. Pick Your Word of the Year First, then set your goals
  2. Set up your goals first and then pick your word of the year


**The one thing I want you to realize is that the best way to do this is to do it over the course of several days or weeks. By doing so, you allow the right word to come to you, whether you do approach 1 or 2**

word of year printable

APPROACH 1: Word First, Goals Second

This approach is best when you are not sure what exactly you want and how you want it.

(If you want some a quick way to do this, feel free to check out the free printable I created!)

Step 1: Take out some paper and pen (or a computer if you want).


Step 2: Take some time to dream, imagine, and think.  Answer the following questions.

  • Imagine what you want the new year to be like?


  • What do you want to feel like?


     Happy

    Content

    Loved

    Healthy

  • What do you need in order to do that?


  • Positive Mindset (for happiness)

o    Confidence

o    Support

o    Health

  •  How will you know you encompass that word?


  • I will think differently than I used to
  • I will be more confident that I used to be
  • I will feel people believe in me and what I do.
  • I will be healthy in my mind, body, and soul.

Step 3: Write down different words that came up during the answers above.


  • Happy
  • Content
  • Loved
  • Postive
  • Confident
  • Support
  • Think
  • Healthy
  • Holistic (mind, body, and soul)


Step 4: Look at the words that you wrote down.

Add any other words related to those. (If you cannot think of words, think of one word, and look in the thesaurus for other words). DO NOT CROSS ANY WORDS OUT.

Below is the first list I made back in 2012.

Step 5: Circle the words that appeal to you.

(it’s okay if you have a lot circled like the picture I have above)


Step 6: Put the list in a safe place.

Take some time away from the list (could be hours, days, whatever you need). During this time think about the words you circled. Think, feel, and imagine which ones feel the best, and describe best what you want for next year.  If any new words pop up, remember those and write them down on your list.  If you are away from the list, put it somewhere so you don’t forget that word then add it to your list at your earliest convenience.


Step 7.  Revisit the list.

Were there any words from step 5 that resonated with you while you were thinking away from the list? Did any new words come up? Now, look these over.


Step 8. Pick a word(s)

Example: Holistic


Step 9: Plan your goals

o    What do you need to encompass that word(s)?

    Peace (Mind)

    Balanced Nutrition (Body)

    Spirituality or Religion  (Soul)


o    How will I know I am encompassing the word?

    I will not be sad, depressed

    I will feel more energetic

    I will feel connected with a higher being


o    When will I know I have specifically reached my goal?

This is where you use S.M.A.R.T goals!

S- Specific


A-    Actionable

R- Realistic

T- Time-bound

    Peace- By March, I will be sad only once a month. To do this, I will do something I enjoy at least 2x a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

    Balanced Nutrition- By June, I will eat 2 healthy meals a day, 6 days a week (a cheat day allowed).

    Spirituality- By February, I will be meditating daily for at least 20 minutes.

o    Are my goals realistic?
o    What first steps can you do start these goals?

    Peace- I will organize my scrapbooking supplies and put it in the living room where I spend most of my time

    Balanced Nutrition- I will meal plan the week, so I will look up healthy meals for each category.

    Spirituality- I will look up 7 meditations to do for each day that is at least 20 minutes long.


Step 10: Revisit the word.

Do you think the word encompasses your goals?


If yes, you are done!


If not, repeat step 2-7 with these specific goals in mind until you have the right word! Don’t be impatient. The right word will come to you!


Remember the word does not have to be perfect, it is a word/mantra that will encompass your goals.


The most important part of transformation will be to take action on those goals. The word is just your motivation 


APPROACH 2: Goals First, Word Second

This approach is when you have an idea of your goals and want a simple word to reinforce those goals in your mind.

Using the steps from above:

  1. Step 9
  2. Steps 1-8
  3. Step 10


Focus on the goals. Not the word.

Just a reminder, whatever approach you use, the word does not have to be PERFECT. The word is merely a tool to keep you motivated throughout the year.

If you don’t even create a word for the year, the most important thing is to take action on those goals.

If you want to change, the best way to do that is to break up your goals into small manageable steps, tracking them, and evaluating them constantly to see if you are on track.


Have a positive mindset

Mindset is important.

Life happens. Things happen that are out of our control.

You have to have a positive and resilient mindset to keep going even when it is hard. Change is not easy, but it is worth it.


Celebrate your wins.

As humans, we all need some positive reinforcement. We all need balance between work and play.

Train yourself to celebrate your wins to keep you moving forward.

I also suggest a gratitude list to keep you reminded of not only your goals but also what you have. This will help with having a positive mindset. Here is a post on 5 reasons you should practice daily gratitude.


Find support

Change is always easier when you have support and someone cheering you on. Find a coach or an accountability partner to help you and be on your side!

Also, if you want support on your journey with other like-minded individuals, join my Facebook group- Living with My Full Heart and Soul.


I would love to know your word of the year! Comment below!


Wishing you a life where you live with your full heart and soul,



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