Thousands of families in America will be getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Families and loved ones will be gathering to celebrate the past year and what they are thankful for.

Since many people will be in the mindset of gratitude, I am sharing the benefits of practicing gratitude daily throughout the year.

I have been practicing gratitude for the past 4 years, and it has made a huge impact in my life. I have used a gratitude journal, a memory jar, and have also just put it in my regular journal. Practicing gratitude is part of my morning routine. 

If you are overwhelmed, sad, or depressed, this practice is something I truly vouch for. Even if it is the only habit that you choose to do.

Studies have shown practicing gratitude on a daily basis has many benefits that can transform your life.

1. Having a grateful attitude allows us to be happier.

When we focus on what we have in our lives, we are less likely to be focusing on the negative. We become more aware of what we have to be thankful for, and it allows us to see our life through a different perspective.

The more time we spend on focusing on the positive, the less we focus on the negative. Through this practice, it expands our ability to feel joy in our lives because we are more aware of it.

2. Improves health

Studies have shown that people who take time to practice gratitude consistently feel better mentally and physically.

The reason is because someone who takes time to actively practice gratitude are focusing on the positive parts in his or her life. Consequently, when they improving their mental health, they feel better about themselves.

When someone feels better about themselves, they take care of themselves physically as well.

This means they are more often likely to go to the doctor, eat healthier, practice self-care, and exercise.


3. Improves our relationships

As we develop a grateful attitude, we will appreciate the people in our lives more.

Rather than focusing on the negative traits of the loved ones around us, we will be more attentive to their positive traits.

Consequently, reciprocity may occur, so when you appreciate the other person in the relationship, he or she is more likely to do the same.

Also, when someone is nice to you or friendly to you, you are more likely to remember them correct? The more we are grateful towards people in general, we attract them. By doing so, we increase more positive people in our lives, hopefuly creating a circle of positiity in our lives and relationships.


4. Increases our happier memories

Our brain is not meant to store a huge variety of information. Rather our brain is meant to process information, so only a limited amount of memories are stored in our brain.

When we journal about things we are happy about or grateful for, we spend less time journaling on the negative.

By focusing on the happier memories and moments in our lives, we are pushing old, negative memories out of our brain, and new, positive ones replace the space in our brain.

When we focus more on being thankful for what we have, our mind shifts to happier moments in our lives, especially if we write in a gratitude journal.


5. Develops our personality

When we are positive, we are more optimistic about the future.

Also, due to being grateful for what we have, we become more appreciative of what we have. In turn, we are less materialistic.

When are less materialistic, we focus on memories, rather than things (reinforcing #4).

Sometimes, it is difficult to focus on the happy and positive things when we are down. However, I promise, if you push yourself to practice gratitude consistently, you will see a difference.


If you practice gratitude daily, what other benefits do you see? I would love to find out! Please comment below!


Wishing You A Life Where you Live With Your Full Heart And Soul,


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