Self-care and self-love can consist of releasing your emotions and talking to someone.  Below is a journal entry from a personal contact on Instagram. She is sharing her experience of how sharing her story to a complete stranger made her feel, and how that stranger made an impact.

“Since I was a teenager I had an idea that showing your weaknesses is bad. I never complained about my life, even when I felt bad. At some point I realized that my friends perceive me as a much stronger person than I think I am.

There is one exception though – I share everything that disturbs me with my mother. She knows me all my life and it’s pointless to pretend to be brave to her. But I try to be careful now, when my grandma is sick, not to upset my mom even more.

This week in a park I met someone who showed me that it’s ok to be vulnerable. A lady with a dog talked with me just for a while. I probably was so stressed that day that at some point I found myself telling her about my fears and insecurities.

She listened carefully and was so compassionate that after some time I realized that I felt relieved.

So that’s how I’ve learned that it’s ok to show all spectrum of emotions to the world. Most people won’t reject you because of your weaknesses. Listening to a person and just being there is the least we can do to each other and sometimes it matters more than you can imagine.”

Ms. Anya ikes to draw, read, and watch TV shows. She is @lonely_oyster on Instagram.

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