You probably have been thinking of starting a journal for awhile, but do not know where to begin. The idea of a blank page scares you.  Do not have any fear; your idea of a journal may be different than what you think. One thing I must say are there are many types of journals, and there is no “right” way to journal.  A journal is supposed to be your personal book, so it can be whatever you want it to be!

For some ideas on what to put in your journal, here is a list of 15 different kinds of journals.

  1. Traditional Journal: A traditional journal is the type of journal that many people think as a “dear diary” format. This type usually uses the stream of consciousness writing style. Many people write about what happened during the day, how someone is feeling about a particular situation what happened that day, etc.
  1. Bullet Journal: A bullet journal is a hand-made , customized planner and journal in one. Many people usually put a planning section and list section in their bullet journal. The lists people put in their journal are customized to what the person wants, such as a reader may put in the books they want to read, what kind of books they have read, how many books they have read, etc.
  1. Dream Journal: A dream journal is a notebook where someone tracks down their dreams in a notebook. Here they can write down the interpretations of the dream and as time goes on, look for patterns to better understand what is going on in their subconscious.
  1. Art Journal: An art journal is a book where you use art to journal your feelings. People use different types of media such as paint, collage, scrapbooking, markers, etc.
  1. Daily Journal: This journal is somewhat similar to a traditional journal, but the goal is to write everyday. The difference with this one and the traditional journal is that most people usually write positive things that happened. This journal is usually a kind where they would not mind someone else reading. Information in a daily journal usually includes what the weather was, what they ate, an activity they completed, etc.
  1. Goal Tracking Journal: This journal is self explanatory. It is a journal where a person writes his or her goals and tracks them.  A person who is wanting to make change may have a list of their goals, reflections on how they did, and what they need to improve on.
  1. Gratitude Journal: This is a journal where a person lists a set amount of things they are grateful for. People usually write in their gratitude journal either in the morning or at night. I used to use a gratitude journal every morning, but it has transformed into a happiness/gratitude jar. The benefits of writing in a gratitude journal every morning helps you start the morning off in a positive light. I highly recommend this for people who are looking to be happier and more joyful.
  1. Travel Journal: This journal is one that someone takes with them to document their travel and adventures. Many people use the Traveler’s Notebook system, but other people have used any notebook to document their experience. Examples of what people have included in their travel journal are to put pictures or draw different attractions, food, and landscapes they have seen on their journey.
  1. Relationship: This one is vague. Some people have used this type of journal as a way to document their dating life and mementos throughout their relationship. Others have used it as what I describe as an interactive journal (see #12)
  1. List Journal (book, music, quotes, etc.): This journal is one where people write only lists. There are journals that can be bought in stores that already have lists, or people can come up with their own lists. Examples of lists that people can write in their journal: are favorite foods, favorite movies, jobs I wanted to be when I grew up, what I would do with a million dollars… The possibilities are endless!!
  1. Idea Journal: Have you ever had a time when you see something in the store, or being advertised, and thought to yourself, “I had that idea!!” My husband and I love the show SharkTank. This is a great tool for someone who wants to eventually be a business owner or entrepreneur. It can be for anyone really, but this is a place where you write all your ideas so it is all in one area for you to expand on. 
  1. Interactive Journal: This is what I consider the most fun type of journal. This one is one where people write notes to each other in a notebook. Pretty much any relationship can use this: parent/child, friends, penpals, romantic relationships, etc. My husband and I actually use one. So far, we use it to write to each other when we are arguing, and need to say something to each other but want the time to think about what we need to say to each other. However, the goal is to write to each other at all times, to remind each other how much we love each other, and have it all documented in one place: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  1. Notes Journal: This is a notebook where people who are either passionate about something or trying to learn something keep all of their notes as a place to reference. For example, I have a notebook on blogging notes since blogging is new to me.
  1. Negative/Venting Journal: Some people do not want their negative thoughts or vents in the same place where they document their everyday lives. This journal is one where people can just write negative thoughts or vent into so it is a separate notebook. You can decide to keep it or even trash the book when you are done if it helps you.
  1. Catch All: This is pretty much self-explanatory. Many people use a journal where the corral all kinds of information into their journal so it is all in one place, and can keep it on hand at the same time, instead of carrying many different journals. Clark Kegley from Youtube is someone I have gotten great information from. He has a great system where he sections off sections off his journals so that it is an organizational system.

Your journal can be one of the above, or a compilation of them just like #15. The choice is yours! Through much trial and error, I personally learned that I like to have it all in one book.  I find that having it all in one just allows me to write what I am thinking/feeling in the moment, rather than looking for the right book, and the chance of not having the right book with me at the time.

Now go ahead and pick one of the above, and see where the pen takes you. I am interested in learning which kind of journal sparked your interest. Please comment below and let me know which one has.


Sending you love and positive thoughts on your journey.