Our Christmas Traditions As an Intentional Family

Image Credit: Adobe Stock: Syda Productions   When my husband and I got together we realized we had different holiday traditions. We had different upbringings and luxuries (or not), which affected how each of us celebrated the holidays. So when we got together,...

How to Pick A Word of the Year and Plan An Amazing Year

Every year people make new year’s resolutions. But did you know.... 80% of these resolutions fail by February Only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions for the year Therefore, I suggest picking a “Word Of the Year” instead. The benefit of doing so is it...

5 Reasons To Practice Gratitude Daily

Thousands of families in America will be getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Families and loved ones will be gathering to celebrate the past year and what they are thankful for. Since many people will be in the mindset of gratitude, I am sharing the benefits...

10 Things to Implement In Your Life to Find Peace

As the holidays are approaching, this is a time where we become the most reflective. We think to ourselves about what we accomplished, what we have not, and what our new goals for next year will be. As someone who does a yearly reflection, I want to share that peace...

Guest Journal Entry: Self Love/Self Care Means Showing Your Emotions

Self-care and self-love can consist of releasing your emotions and talking to someone.  Below is a journal entry from a personal contact on Instagram. She is sharing her experience of how sharing her story to a complete stranger made her feel, and how that stranger...

10 Tips To Make Positive Change in Your Life

Photo Credit: © Leekris - stock.adobe.com We all want to make positive changes in our lives, but it can be difficult.  Ever try a new habit or start a new year’s resolution and find yourself not keeping up with it?   Below I will talk about 10 tips I have found...

Guest Post: What is Anxiety?

Guest Post By: Sachinee Anxiety disorder does not mean getting anxious the night before a big game or an interview. It’s not the nervousness you feel before an exam. It’s a constant and exhausting cycle of your thoughts telling you that you’re no good. Sometimes I’m...

12 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself Before Loving Others

Love is a feeling that is contagious. At times, it allows us to suspend reality, or even to think we are providing something good for others. We are taught that being kind and loving others is important. I am here to tell you yes. Love is important, but you must love...

Introverted Mom: How to Keep your Cool When Your Child is Crying

Motherhood as an introvert is hard, messy, and overwhelming. As a mother of a toddler who clings has a special bond with her mom (yes I put that striked word there on purpose.), I understand. Today, my daughter was not eating her lunch, and she was crying, making...

Journal Entry: Interracial Relationships and The Struggle of Privilege

As a young child, I have noticed early on the differences between socioeconomic classes. I learned that early on the privilege that I have been afforded as an Asian girl. I do not downgrade the hard work of my family, but I also know my race has afforded me some...

This is a community for sensitive souls who are interested in personal growth and living a fulfilled, authentic life

The motto here is: “Fill your cup, Fill your home.”  

As women, we have roles as daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, etc. We have responsibilities to other people besides ourselves. By “filling your cup”  and recharging, you are “filling your home “with more love, both for yourself and for those close to you, allowing for better and more improved relationships with others.

Here, I share personal journal entries and blog posts on self-care, womanhood, motherhood, mental health, relationships, and more.  I also ask others to share their personal journal entries as well. The goal is to provide a supportive environment to help others learn and grow during their journey.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, we all need some time to recharge and connect with like-minded people so we can be the best person we need to be for our loved ones. 


Please feel free to have a sip, read, and be inspired! Feel free to contact me if you would like to share your story with others!

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I currently offer online services such as life coaching. For more information, please click HERE or email me at fullheartandsoulliving@gmail.com

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